Türkiye Airline Pilots’ Association (TALPA) has sent a message to ECA and IFALPA about electronic device limitation from US and UK.

US and UK have set restrictions since last week for electronic devices for certain countries and airports, so TALPA has sent a message to ECA and IFALPA.

Press Release of TALPA

Dear Presidents,

During last week deliberate restrictions has been put into place for Middle Eastern Airline companies, including the Airlines operating in Turkey, have been faced with an electronic ban for US, UK Flights, due to “security” reasons.

Dear Colleagues,

The Airports in Turkey are as secure as the other airports where all we operate like Brussel, Orly, Glasgow, Charles De Gaulle, New York JFK, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, London Heathrow, Frankfurt and  all are managed tightly according to the domestic and international regulations. Whichever security procedures are in use for those airports are in our airports as well.

The truth is not only the European and American airlines but also every other airlines as well as their passengers in the world also suffer from the globalized terrorism.

Applying or supporting the restricting rules only for some “deliberately selected and targeted countries” will lead the negative discrimination during the competitions in the aviation industry .

Thus, we ,the Turkish ALPA members , are strongly disagree with the ban which are in progress -in the context of the struggle with the global terrorism- for our country and we believe that it will eventually  harm the airlines and their employees. The security, as it is said, must not be weaponized during free world trade particularly in highly competitive aviation industry. It is all ours responsibility as so far…

We believe in that; We all need to be united not to be divided and we can take precautions against the terrorism via acting together and in solidarity. These kind of populist and irrational approaches could only deepen the problems by harming the world aviation industry instead of being a solution.

As Turkish ALPA we believe in that kind of deliberate bans are harmful not only to the Turkish Civil Aviation Industry but to every countries’ as well. Those  inexpedient barriers will not help to grow the aviation industry.

This ban is totally irrational and way too ridiculous to reasonably accept.

We, as a growing Turkish ALPA, wholeheartedly condemn this medieval age ban and ask your sympathy, solidarity and support on this issue.

Best Regards,

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